Resistance, French

Resistance, French
   External resistance to the German occupation during World War II was organized after General charles de gaulle's appeal from London to continue the war (June 18, 1940) and resulted in the formation of the Forces françaises libres (FFL; Free French Forces) and later the Comité français de libération nationale (National Committee of French Liberation). The interior resistance was formed toward the end of 1940 with the creation of various movements in both the occupied northern area of the country and in the southern area controlled by the vichy regime (Combat, Libération, Franc-Tireur, OCM, réunion dans les Mouvements unis de Résistance). The actions of diverse networks were coordinated, beginning in 1943, by the Conseil national de la Résistance. While beginning operations for liberation, the military organizations of the Résistance (Armée secrète, Organization de résistance de l'armée, Francs-Tireurs, Partisans francais, and communist groups) were regrouped into the Forces françaises de l'intérieur, which, with the FFL, fought alongside the Allies in the military operations of the Liberation.
   See also communist party, french; moulin, jean; perret, jacques; rémy, le colonel; rol-tanguy, henri.

France. A reference guide from Renaissance to the Present . 1884.

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